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Carpet Cleaning Services: The Proof is in the Pile

June 25th, 2013 · 1 Comment

When it comes to carpet cleaning, have you ever really thought about the “process”? Well, most people haven’t. But, when it comes to carpet cleaning, the process is everything. The methods used to clean a carpet make the difference between genuinely clean and rejuvenated carpets and those with the surface dirt removed, but damaging, deep-down soil gets left behind. For carpets that are exceptionally clean, ServiceMaster of Sooland utilizes a multi-step carpet cleaning process that gets the result you are looking for!

A lot of carpet cleaning companies use a process like this:

  • Vacuum
  • Spray spots and stains
  • Soak the carpet
  • Extract carpet with cleaning solution (no rinse)

In reality, a process like this is ineffective, allowing stains to return in a short time. Furthermore, trapped dirt that is not removed from the carpet pile, will continue to wear down and deteriorate carpet fibers making it necessary to replace the carpet sooner.

We think your carpet deserves better. Instead of the typical “brush the dirt off the top” kind of carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster of Sooland uses a cutting-edge carpet cleaning process.

ServiceMaster of Sooland Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Heavy-duty vacuum to lift pile
  • Pre-spot using specialized treatments
  • Specialized synthetic detergent pre-spray that resists “stain return” keeping carpets cleaner for longer
  • Agitate to release soils
  • Last, we use the power of steam, heated to 250 degrees, a pure clean rinse to extract the dirt and residue. Carpet steam cleaning also helps carpets dry faster

Homes and businesses in the Sioux City area have used ServiceMaster of Sooland’s carpet cleaning services for over 40 years. Contact us to learn more.

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One response to “Carpet Cleaning Services: The Proof is in the Pile”

  1. BARB LAMB says:

    Thank you so much for the cleaning of my furniture before we moved into our new home. I stopped smoking and i did not want to have any reminders in the furniture of the awful stale smoke smell.

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