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Caring for Your Office Floors in Sioux City

September 17th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster of Sooland provides janitorial floor cleaning services for businesses in Sioux City.

For those of us who have hard surface floors, one thing is clear: hard floors are basically like having a pet or child – you have to spend a lot of time caring for them. Aside from constant floor cleaning, you have to carefully choose the products to use on your hard surface floors. All the details of caring for hard surface floors can make the investment of time and money seem not worth the trouble. How do you keep the grout and tile looking pristine? Are there special rules for concrete floors? How different is the cleaning process for linoleum and marble? Fortunately, with the floor cleaning services in Sioux City from ServiceMaster of Sooland, you can rest assured that your floors will stay clean, safe, and shiny.

Hard surface floors can be very cost-effective in the long run. Though it may initially cost more than carpeting, hard surface floors last longer than the 5-7 year lifespan of carpets. With proper maintenance and cleaning, hard flooring can last for life.

The proper method for caring for your hard surface floors involves dusting daily, cleaning weekly, and polishing every two to three months. In rooms that commonly have hard floors, such as kitchens and bathrooms, cleaning can be a time intensive process because they are so heavily used and soiled. At ServiceMaster of Sooland, we know how to dust, clean, and polish your floors. But that’s just the first step. We also can enhance slip-resistance, dry your floor properly to prevent water damage, and help your investment go further. With our superior floor cleaning services, you can focus on your children and pets instead of your high-maintenance floors.

For office floor cleaning performed by the experts at ServiceMaster of Sooland, call us at 402.494.3188. We can help you protect your investment, and keep your home looking fresh throughout the year. We serve Plymouth, Cherokee, Woodbury, Ida, Monona, Crawford, and Harrison Counties in Iowa, as well as surrounding counties in Nebraska and South Dakota.

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