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Washing Away the School Year’s Grime in Sooland with Commercial Cleaning

June 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Whether you are a school administrator, principal or former teacher, you remember what your classrooms looked like at the end of the year. The flooring was a sorry excuse of spills and stains, the walls were all smudges, and the desks well-marked with pens, wads of dried gum, and other unknown substances you didn’t wish to touch. It was a mess. The building janitors did their best, but let’s face it; the grime that builds up in a classroom can be too much for light cleaning to handle. For a thorough and complete summer clean, you can rely on commercial cleaning from ServiceMaster of Sooland to restore your classrooms back to their former glory.

The school year goes by fast enough, and before you know it, you’ll have summer classes upon you. Teachers are easily one of the hardest worked groups of professionals. At ServiceMaster of Sooland, we advocate that clean environments are healthier environments. If you have many teachers going from the regular school year right into summer school, it would be a lovely gesture to let them return to squeaky clean classrooms. We’ll even take care of the smaller things in the classrooms, like cleaning out those dusty overhead lights, swiping out the air vents, wiping down the walls, and cleaning up whatever upholstered furniture teachers have in their classrooms or in teachers’ lounges.

You owe it to your teachers to give them a clean learning and teaching environment to come back to. They’ll enjoy their work a bit more. Our theory is this: Providing a clean and refreshed classroom environment will improved the attitudes and energy of the teachers, and this will be passed along to their students. Overall, cleaner classrooms can improve learning.

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