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Different Types of Leaks and Water Damage Repair Steps to Fix Such Problems in Sioux City, IA

December 20th, 2015 · No Comments

There can be many different reasons for water leaks which can result in various problems, both for your health and belongings. When a water leak occurs, it is necessary to utilize the services of a professional water damage repair company in Sioux City, IA to assist in the repair and remediation of the problem as soon as possible.

Keeping in mind the damage that can result from water leaks, it is important to understand the possible causes for such leaks and how to fix the problem. In the next few sections we will explore these issues and investigate what you can do to solve them.

Toilet Leaks

According to available statistics, nearly 78% of all incidents of water damage due to toilet leaks are the result of:

Faulty toilet flanges

Problems in fill valve assemblies

Faulty supply lines

Overflowing toilets

Maintenance and Loss Prevention Tips

You should check the flushing mechanism as well as the supply line every six months.

The fill valve assembly or the flapper should be replaced when there is constant refilling of tank when the toilet is not being used.

Make sure that the water supply valve functions properly. If it doesn’t, replace it as soon as possible.

Washing Machine Leaks

Water damage involving washing machines mainly results from water supply lines that burst.

Loss Prevention Tips

Tips to prevent losses and properly maintain water supply lines include:

Ideally there should be a gap of about 3-4 inch between the wall and the washing machine so that kinking of the hose can be prevented.

Water supply lines should be inspected every six months.

Hoses should be checked for kinks, cracks, or blisters which can occur close to the hose connection.

It is recommended to replace the water supply hoses every five years.

Sump Pump

Faulty float switches and clogged inlet screens are the primary causes for about 40% of the water damage problems associated with sump pumps.

Proper Maintenance Tips

The sump pump should be cleaned and checked prior to the beginning of the rainy season.

The lid should be opened to allow for the removal of debris which could be obstructing the water inlet screen.

For added security in the event of a power failure, have a battery backup system installed. The batteries should be replaced at an interval of two to three years.

You should pour about five gallons of water into the sump pump pit to ensure the float valve rises and triggers the pump. If it doesnt, contact a plumber to have the pump checked.

If you have experienced water damage and are searching for a local water damage repair firm in Sioux City, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Sooland at our emergency hot-line number—800.577.3188. We have the necessary certification, expertise, and training to rectify the problem causing the water damage, and will restore your home to how it was before the water damage occurred.

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