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Why It Is Necessary to Clean Hard Surface Floors on Regular Basis and Tasks Performed as Part of Cleaning Services in Beresford, SD

March 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

The good thing about hard surface floors is that they have excellent aesthetic appeal and can easily improve the look and feel of your home or office. However, regular foot traffic often leads to the build-up of dirt and grime plus makes them susceptible to scratches, dents, spills, and scuff marks. To effectively clean and protect your hard surface flooring, you need to hire a company providing cleaning services in Beresford, SD.

What are the risks if hard surface floors are not cleaned on a regular basis?

When hard surface floors are not cleaned properly it can cause the floor’s finish to wear off and expose the base flooring. This will make the floor appear dull and dirty as well as lead to more damage. According to IICRC, constant buildup of soil can also cause the surface to erode.

What are the benefits of hiring professional cleaners?

Reasons to hire professional cleaners include:

Experienced cleaners have the required certification, proper equipment, and appropriate cleaning solutions/chemicals for use with any specific type of floor.

They are up to date with techniques to be used for cleaning all types of floors, whether it is stone, tile, concrete, or any other type of material.

An expert cleaner can perform all the involved tasks like stripping, sealing, proper scrubbing, buffing, as well as recoating.

Experienced cleaning professionals can also perform other tasks like removal of scratches, scuff marks, and stains to restore your floor’s original splendor.

These professionals also work to clean all the grout lines and properly seal them. This ensures that the grout lines maintain uniform color and are able to resist soil penetration, abrasion, and stains.

What steps are performed in hard surface floor cleaning work?

Generally, the hard surface floor cleaning would involve:

Stripping: This involves removal of dirt, the floor’s protective coating, waxes, and other things.

Scrubbing: This task is performed to fully clean the floor as well as other parts such as base edges and corners of door frames.

Rinsing and Extraction: The rinsing and extraction process is implemented followed by mopping to ensure that dirt and grime is completely removed.

Wax Application: The last step after the floor completely dries is an application of wax to provide base protection.

If your floors have started looking dirty and haven’t been cleaned for some time, you need to get in touch with ServiceMaster of Sooland for hard surface floor cleaning services in Beresford, SD. We have the necessary certification, equipment, and experience to clean different types of hard surface floors.

All you need to do is call us at 800.577.3188 to set up an appointment. We will send our technician to your home

or office to assess the condition the floors are in, provide you with a cost estimate, and start the required cleanup work.


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