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Expediting Cleanup – Why You Need to Hire Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration in Wayne, NE

July 25th, 2017 · No Comments

A fire can be quite destructive, and restoring your home to its pre-loss state afterwards can be a herculean task. If a fire damages your home, contact a professional fire damage restoration firm, like ServiceMaster of Sooland, in Wayne, NE.

Today we’d like to discuss the reasons why handing over this responsibility to professionals is the best choice you can make.

Why fire damage remediation should only be performed by professionals

Fire damage restoration firms have the required manpower, equipment, cleaning products, and expertise to expedite the cleaning process.

It’s worth mentioning here that it’s necessary to conduct clean up and restoration work on an urgent basis since the extent of damage increases as time passes.

The following information details why it’s necessary to perform fire damage clean up as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished.

  • Within a Span of Few Minutes: Fire will result in different residues, and the most concerning of them all will be the acidic soot that starts discoloring and yellowing items made of plastic. Similarly, soot residues will result in the discoloration of small appliances. Moreover, materials like marble and alabaster will be marred because of acidic soot. By quickly initiating fire damage clean up, the fire damage mitigation professionals can prevent additional damage to your property
  • Within a Span of Few Hours: As time passes, acidic soot will continue to damage your belongings. For instance, bath fixtures will start turning yellowish, metals that are not coated will tarnish, and discoloration will take place on appliances as well as the finishing on furniture
  • Within a Span of Few Days: Permanent discoloration will take place due to acidic residues. Such discoloration will be clearly visible on walls. Additionally, corrosion, as well as rusting, will occur. Another problem is irreparable soot staining on different textile materials such as clothing and furniture upholstery
  • Within a Span of Few Weeks: After a few weeks, it’ll become impossible to salvage synthetic carpets exposed to fire damage due to the extent of discoloration that will occur. Similarly, silver plated fixtures will be affected by corrosion, and it’ll be necessary to replace glass items due to the severe etching that will take place resulting from long term contact with acidic soot

If your home has suffered fire damage, you can count on ServiceMaster of Sooland to perform fire damage restoration in the best possible manner.

Our experts have years of experience in fire damage restoration, and we’re equipped with the required industrial grade equipment to expedite the cleanup and restoration process. As soon as the fire is extinguished at your home in Wayne, NE, contact us on our emergency helpline number – (855) 560-7999.

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