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What to Do in Case of an Evacuation: Disaster Restoration in Cherokee, IA

September 18th, 2017 · No Comments

With Hurricanes Harvey & Irma in the news, the possibility of a natural disaster is foremost on everyone’s mind. Do you know what to do if you are faced with an evacuation or disaster? While your Cherokee, IA, home will probably never be subject to the disastrous effects of a hurricane’s strength, wind, and flooding, you may be faced with other disasters such as tornadoes and summer storms.

What do you do if your Cherokee, IA, home is threatened by disaster and you’re told to evacuate? First, you need to remember not to panic and follow instructions. Determine how much time you have before you need to be out of the area and use that information to decide how much of your belongings you can pack or save. Things that are the most important or can’t be replaced but are small enough to fit in a bag should be packed and taken with you. If you’re facing a situation where flooding is going to be an issue move as much of your larger furniture to higher levels to keep it as dry as possible.

You also want to make sure your home is secure when facing a disaster to increase its likelihood of surviving the storm. At ServiceMaster of Sooland, we can help you with our emergency board up services to get your home boarded and secured. Along with boarding up your home, you should make sure that your gas is shut off and that the electricity to your home is also cut off. By shutting off both the gas and electricity you are ensuring that another disaster doesn’t happen after the initial disaster.

ServiceMaster of Sooland is here to help those in the Cherokee, IA, area with all of their disaster restoration needs. We can help with storm damage cleanup as well as pack out and content storage of items that you can get out before evacuation. For your disaster restoration needs in Cherokee, IA, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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