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Find Reliable Post-Construction Cleaning for Businesses in Onawa, IA

July 24th, 2018 · No Comments

Summer is a popular time for construction and remodeling projects in Onawa, IA. You may be thinking about beginning your own project on your business. Whether you’re remodeling or expanding, there’s a lot to consider. The post-construction cleaning pros at ServiceMaster of Sooland are here to help you navigate the process and provide post-construction cleanup so your business can get back up and running quickly!


  1. Pre-construction. Before the walls start falling and dust starts flying, you need to assess your business and what changes you desire to make. You need to look over your business and decide which parts of the building need to change and how. It’s best to get professional opinions to ensure you know which walls are okay to take down, which need to stay, and to make a blueprint of your Onawa, IA business before you start so you have a plan to follow.
  2. Hire professional contractors to help you fulfill your plan. It’s best to find a contractor to help you with the changes you have planned for your business. Many people think that making changes is a good DYI project. Trying to do it yourself when you lack experience, however, can lead to lots of damage, lost time, and money. A contractor will know exactly which permits and inspections you’ll need in Onawa, IA and follow all local building ordinances.
  3. Cleaning up once the work is done. Once the work has been finished you’ll find that you’re left with a mess that needs to be cleaned. ServiceMaster of Sooland is here to help the businesses in Onawa, IA with their post-construction cleaning. We know that post-construction air duct cleaning is a high-priority task to ensure the air circulated throughout your building is as clean as possible. Our technicians can also help with window cleaning and getting your business back to normal quickly.


ServiceMaster of Sooland technicians have all the tools and techniques to help the businesses of Onawa, IA with all of their commercial cleaning needs. From office cleaning to education cleaning, our business is here to help your business. For all your commercial cleaning needs give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.


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