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According to the calendar, spring officially arrived on March 20th. In the Midwest, we’ve slowly begun heralding spring’s return as we train for half-marathons, take long walks on lunch breaks, plan summer’s gardens and map out our fishing trips. All this time outdoors feels fantastic, and we start to remember that seasonal depression (lack of Vitamin D due to limited sunshine) is a real thing because we feel so much better with the sunshine. Unfortunately, for many of us, spring is also the beginning of allergy season. Our enthusiasm for the sunshine and outdoors can get smashed by runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing that come from common outdoor allergens. ServiceMaster of Sooland’s carpet cleaning crew considers it our responsibility to help you enjoy spring by keeping your carpets clean.

With almost every plant out there beginning to release pollen into the air, floods of allergens coat everything and easily embeds into your carpets with all the comings and goings from the outdoors. In Plymouth County alone, 22 different plants are considered major spring allergens. That doesn’t even cover the other plant varieties across the states of Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. As you tread on your carpets, these allergens can sink deep into the fibers, and a simple vacuuming often won’t fully remove them. Luckily, ServiceMaster of Sooland uses carpet treatments that aren’t picky about allergens; we just clean them out and keep you breathing free. We recommend getting your carpets cleaned within the first month of spring so you only have to deal with the allergies outside.

Call ServiceMaster of Sooland 24/7 for all of your spring cleaning needs: 402.494.3188. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We serve Plymouth, Cherokee, Woodbury, Ida, Monona, Crawford, and Harrison Counties in Iowa, as well as surrounding counties in Nebraska and South Dakota. We want you to enjoy spring both outside and inside your home!