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It’s that time of year – you can step outside in the morning on your way to your car and smell the scent of damp earth. You can hear birds singing. You can leave your coat and gloves at home. Spring is in the air, and ServiceMaster of Sooland hopes you’re getting the chance to go outside and enjoy it! After all, in the Midwest, we suffer through these bitter winters because we know our springs are so sweet. As you set aside time in your schedule to go for a run, do some fishing, or just lounging on the porch, we want to remind you how we can save you time on your spring cleaning.

As you open the windows and dust off your curtains and furniture, dust will get embedded in your carpets. Your walls, windows, and ceilings have accumulated quite the collection of grime during the winter months. ServiceMaster of Sooland offers comprehensive cleaning services for all these needs and more. If you find out the spring thaw has caused a leak in your basement, we can come in and clean up your carpet, concrete, or hardwood flooring, and repair things back to their original state. Finally, don’t forget that we clean upholstery too. We find that your couch and chairs are often the last investment you think about cleaning after the winter. If you keep them in good condition they’ll last many more seasons, and you’ll avoid dust build-up on that couch you love to use for naps in the sun.

Call ServiceMaster of Sooland 24/7 for all of your spring cleaning needs: 402-494-3188. We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We serve Plymouth, Cherokee, Woodbury, Ida, Monona, Crawford, and Harrison Counties in Iowa, as well as surrounding counties in Nebraska and South Dakota. We want to save you time with your spring cleaning, so you can go enjoy the beautiful springtime weather!