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The February winds are howling and the snow is flying in Onawa, IA. You’re hunkered down in your home hoping that you have enough food to get through the blizzard. While you sit watching a movie, the lights and TV go dark.


As you head down the basement stairs to check the circuit breakers, there’s suddenly a loud, crashing noise! You bolt back to the living room only to find a tree has smashed through the roof and wall, and the snow is now furiously blowing through the gaping hole that used to be the front of your home! Where do you turn in Onawa, IA, for disaster restoration? How do you begin to rebuild?


  • Safety is key. The first step is to make sure everyone is safe. If you find yourself in a situation where there’s a hole in your home, make sure everyone moves to another room. You don’t want to stay in the room where you’re exposed to the elements. Make sure everyone is warm and hydrated to keep from getting sick.
  • Get the hole covered as soon as possible. Once you’ve determined that everyone is safe and injuries are either minor or have been treated, you want to make sure the hole gets covered as soon as possible. The last thing you want to face, besides the disaster ahead of you, is having someone stealing your belongings. Covering the hole also protects your home from additional damage. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Sooland have the tools and expertise to help the residents of Onawa, IA with emergency board up services. We know how to make sure your home is safe and secure while it’s being repaired.
  • Returning to normal. Once the emergency board up has been completed, the next task is to get your home and family back to normal. ServiceMaster of Sooland can help with debris cleanup and storm damage cleanup. Facing a disaster is one of the most stressful events you and your family could face. Let ServiceMaster of Sooland ease that stress. From emergency board up services to pack out and content storage, we help keep the stress out of the disaster.


For any and all disaster restoration needs in Onawa, IA, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call as soon as possible at (402) 494-3188.