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Expediting Cleanup – Why You Need to Hire Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration in Wayne, NE

July 25th, 2017 · No Comments

A fire can be quite destructive, and restoring your home to its pre-loss state afterwards can be a herculean task. If a fire damages your home, contact a professional fire damage restoration firm, like ServiceMaster of Sooland, in Wayne, NE.

Today we’d like to discuss the reasons why handing over this responsibility to professionals is the best choice you can make.

Why fire damage remediation should only be performed by professionals

Fire damage restoration firms have the required manpower, equipment, cleaning products, and expertise to expedite the cleaning process.

It’s worth mentioning here that it’s necessary to conduct clean up and restoration work on an urgent basis since the extent of damage increases as time passes.

The following information details why it’s necessary to perform fire damage clean up as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished.

  • Within a Span of Few Minutes: Fire will result in different residues, and the most concerning of them all will be the acidic soot that starts discoloring and yellowing items made of plastic. Similarly, soot residues will result in the discoloration of small appliances. Moreover, materials like marble and alabaster will be marred because of acidic soot. By quickly initiating fire damage clean up, the fire damage mitigation professionals can prevent additional damage to your property
  • Within a Span of Few Hours: As time passes, acidic soot will continue to damage your belongings. For instance, bath fixtures will start turning yellowish, metals that are not coated will tarnish, and discoloration will take place on appliances as well as the finishing on furniture
  • Within a Span of Few Days: Permanent discoloration will take place due to acidic residues. Such discoloration will be clearly visible on walls. Additionally, corrosion, as well as rusting, will occur. Another problem is irreparable soot staining on different textile materials such as clothing and furniture upholstery
  • Within a Span of Few Weeks: After a few weeks, it’ll become impossible to salvage synthetic carpets exposed to fire damage due to the extent of discoloration that will occur. Similarly, silver plated fixtures will be affected by corrosion, and it’ll be necessary to replace glass items due to the severe etching that will take place resulting from long term contact with acidic soot

If your home has suffered fire damage, you can count on ServiceMaster of Sooland to perform fire damage restoration in the best possible manner.

Our experts have years of experience in fire damage restoration, and we’re equipped with the required industrial grade equipment to expedite the cleanup and restoration process. As soon as the fire is extinguished at your home in Wayne, NE, contact us on our emergency helpline number – (855) 560-7999.

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Rain Water in the Basement Window Well! Water Damage Restoration in Dakota City, NE

July 11th, 2017 · No Comments

The rain clouds have been something of a permanent fixture in Dakota City, NE. The only real plus side is your grass hasn’t looked so green in a long time. As you pull into the driveway you notice there’s a waterfall spilling from your rain gutter. “That’s odd…” you think, as you don’t remember seeing it this morning when you left. As you sit and stare you realize this waterfall is pouring right into the basement window well. Normally you wouldn’t be too concerned, but this window well is for the window you haven’t been able to close tightly since opening it a few weeks ago to air out the family room.

You hurry inside, face the door to the basement, and take a deep breath. “How bad can it be?” you think to yourself. After all, you don’t remember the waterfall being there this morning, and it wasn’t there last night, so that’s less than 24 hours. You make your way to the basement, and to your dismay, find an identical waterfall cascading from the window to the floor below! The floor is covered with water, and the couch, carpet, and everything else in the room is totally soaked! You quickly make your way to the window, and after a herculean effort and a few choice words, you manage to force the window closed. Mission accomplished, but now what? How do you go about cleaning up this horrific, sloppy mess? Who in the Dakota City, NE area knows what needs to be done for water damage restoration?

ServiceMaster of Sooland is here for those of you in the Dakota City, NE area. Our technicians have top-of-the-line technology and the latest training at their disposal to help with all your water damage restoration needs. We’ll work rapidly to ensure thorough water extraction happens as quickly as possible to return your home back to normal. Once the water removal is completed we’ll use our state-of-the-art drying techniques to ensure your carpet and everything else impacted by the water is completely dried to your satisfaction.

For your water damage cleanup needs in Dakota City, NE, regardless of the scope or cause, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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House for Sale! Residential Cleaning Services in Cherokee, IA

June 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

It’s been a big year for you in Cherokee, IA. You married the man of your dreams, found the perfect job, and are now preparing to move to a beautiful new home. As you stand in your current home, you need to start packing and getting the house cleaned for selling. You spend the weekend hard at work packing boxes and getting the rooms emptied. Your agent told you the more things you could move out of the house, the faster the house would sell. You were lucky you could buy the new house first so you actually have somewhere for the furniture and boxes to go!

As you pack each room your family helps move it to the new house, and finally you’re in an empty home. As you stand there you realize the floors are filthy in every room, and the home needs a thorough, deep cleaning. All you’ve ever done is the traditional house cleaning, so you don’t have a clue how to go about doing a deep cleaning. Where in Cherokee, IA will you find someone that does residential cleaning?

ServiceMaster by Sooland is here to help Cherokee, IA area residents with all their residential cleaning needs. We can clean your home from top to bottom and everything in between. Our technicians are trained in the latest techniques and technology for residential floor cleaning. We can help with pet odor removal so your home will smell like new. We can also perform air duct cleaning and furnace duct cleaning to ensure the air quality in your home is top notch.

We can help you by setting up home cleaning services so we can come in on a regular schedule to keep your home clean. We’re here for your special projects and deep cleaning needs. When you’re in need of home cleaning services in Cherokee, IA, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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An Overloaded Garage Outlet! Fire Damage Restoration in Sioux City, IA

June 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Finally, there’s a rain free weekend in the forecast, the first in about a month, for Sioux City, IA. Your plan is to get outside and get all the yard work done. The grass is almost a mile high and the weeds look like they own the yard. You head into the garage to survey the state of your tools. You get the weed trimmer out and realize it hasn’t been charged so you plug it in while you go mow the lawn. Once you’re done mowing you see that the weed trimmer still isn’t fully charged.

You get the electric pruner out, plug it in, and go work on the bushes and trees that you didn’t get a chance to get to earlier. It doesn’t dawn on you at the time but the power strip you’ve been using is plugged into the garage outlet that is used for everything. While you’re out pruning the pruner suddenly stops. You try unsuccessfully to get it started again. You tug on the extension cord to see if it’s stuck or has been unplugged but it seems fine.

You look back toward the garage and see smoke pouring out and flames licking the ceiling. Once the smoke and dust have cleared you find that the cause of the fire was an overloaded outlet—the same overloaded outlet that you have been relying on since forever to run everything in the garage. Where in Sioux City, IA, can you find fire damage restoration services?

ServiceMaster of Sooland is the best place to turn if you’re in the Sioux City, IA, area. We can help you with your fire damage clean up and get it done as quickly as possible. Our technicians are extensively trained in fire damage repair.

We use the latest technology to get the job done correctly. Along with soot removal, we also work hard to help with smoke damage cleanup. We’ll work hard to get the smell and residue out of your

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Tree Roots in the Sewer Line! You Need Sewer Damage Cleanup in Beresford, SD

May 31st, 2017 · No Comments

You’ve been working hard in your attic office in your Beresford, SD home all morning. It’s a beautiful Saturday, and your husband is downstairs keeping the kids occupied so you can work in peace. Suddenly you hear shouting, and not the “fun” type that comes with them goofing around. This is a different kind of shouting; more urgent, less fun.

You listen for about a minute or two and contemplate if you really need to descend the stairs. You then realize the shouting isn’t just random sounds but frantic words. Your husband is anxiously calling for you while also telling the kids not to go into the basement. With great urgency you quickly make your way to the top of the basement stairs, and to your horror, the basement is flooded! As you look closer you realize it isn’t just regular water…it appears to be sewer water. This is confirmed by a strong stench that wafts its way up the stairs and hits your senses.

Apparently the sewer line is clogged again. You can’t help but think the tree roots you had removed a couple of years ago have returned, and with a vengeance. The first thing you do is call the plumber and get the line cleared. After that, you need someone in the Beresford, SD area that can help with the sewer damage cleanup and sanitization.

ServiceMaster of Sooland happily helps the Beresford, SD area with all its water damage cleanup needs. Anytime you watch your belongs go under water is stressful, and we’re here to make the cleanup as stress free as possible. We can help with all types of water damage cleanup and water damage repair.

We can help you with flood damage cleanup, water removal, and sewer backup cleaning and sanitization. Whenever water finds its way to places it’s not supposed to be, you need professionals to clean it away and put everything back together. We have expertly trained technicians that use the latest technology to make the water extraction process quick and easy.

For water damage cleanup and sewer damage cleanup needs in Beresford, SD, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call immediately at (402) 494-3188.

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You Let Your Aunt House Sit and Now You Need Fire Damage Restoration in Elk Point, SD

May 10th, 2017 · No Comments

You’re finally returning home to your Elk Point, SD, home after spending the week away for a work conference. You feel extremely lucky because your aunt said that she would house sit for you and watch your dog while you were gone. You made her a list of rules before you left and are hoping that she followed it. You’ve arrived home and are making your way up the driveway. As you open the door the first thing you notice is that your aunt and dog are not home. She must be out for a walk you think to yourself. As you get further into the house and begin to put your things away you notice that there is a different smell in the air. It takes you a minute to figure it out, but then you realize the house smells like cigarette smoke. You begin to look closer and now notice that there are burn holes in some of the furniture. When you make it to the guest’s room you see that there are singe marks on the side of the bed and the floor. It appears that there was a small fire in that room and that your aunt put it out. One of the top rules on your list was that she not smoke in the house, but not only did she smoke, she may have also started a small fire. Before you go back to work you need to find someone in the Elk Point, SD, area that can help with fire damage restoration.

At ServiceMaster of Sooland, we’re here to help those in the Elk Point, SD, area with their fire damage restoration needs. We get to work quickly to help you get your home back to its original condition. We can help with odor removal and cigarette smoke cleanup to get these smells out of your home quickly. The longer the smoke and soot are around the more likely it is that secondary damage will set in. Because of this we are available 24/7, 365 days. We can perform soot removal on your most valuable belongings, treating your home and belongings as if they are our own.

For your fire damage cleanup and cigarette smoke removal needs in Elk Point, SD, give us at ServiceMaster of Sooland a call, (402) 494-3188.

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Easter Cleanup Made Easy with Residential Cleaning in Cherokee, IA

April 24th, 2017 · No Comments

Your Easter celebrations have finished and your family has left. You’ve managed to get the table cleared and the dishes washed, dried, and put away. You finally have time to survey your Cherokee, IA home. You realize that while having your family over is fun and entertaining, they have all but destroyed your house.

There’s mud from your patio door to the front door from the kids doing an Easter egg hunt. Candy wrappers are strewn everywhere, and there appears to be several new stains on the carpeting that are either chocolate or wine. As you move through the living room you find a small pile of chocolate under a couch cushion. Apparently your nephew was stashing the candy that he didn’t like. You also notice the floor is littered with small pieces of eggshell from the hard-boiled eggs your brother-in-law was constantly peeling and eating. Yes, another successful holiday gathering, and another huge mess!

This is a mess of massive proportions, and it’s going to take you a week to clean it up and even longer to recover from. How are you going to get this all done plus keep your sanity and love of family? You need residential cleaning services in the Cherokee, IA area, and you need them fast!

ServiceMaster of Sooland knows just how frustrating it can be to spend hours cleaning up when the party is done. We’re here to serve the Cherokee, IA area and all their residential cleaning needs. We have the tools and training to perform upholstery cleaning and get all those stains out so no one will ever know they were there. We have different cleaners for different flooring to ensure our residential floor cleaning is top notch. We can do more than just your everyday cleaning – we offer deep cleaning services to get all the dirt and grime out and leave your home smelling clean and fresh. We can help you with house-wide cleaning along with your housekeeping needs. Whatever type of cleaning you need, ServiceMaster of Sooland can help you out.

If you find yourself in need of our home cleaning services in the Cherokee, IA area, please give us a call at (402) 494-3188.

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All the Rain is Causing Basement Flooding! Water Damage Restoration in Sioux City, IA

April 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Spring has finally arrived in Sioux City, IA. The ground has thawed, and except for some isolated piles, the snow is all but gone. For the past several days it has been raining, and puddles are forming in your back yard, creating a wet, sloppy mess.

You had to go out of town for work for 4 days and finally made it back home. You walk into your Sioux City, IA, home, and it smells a bit odd. You check out the house, and as you head down the basement steps, you discover the floor is covered in water, and more water is coming in through the edging of your basement windows along the back wall! There’s been enough rain to saturate the backyard and create huge puddles which have spilled into the window wells, and now that water is steadily dripping and flowing into your finished basement. You’d meant to get the outside edging done, window caulking replaced, and increase the grade up to the house last summer, but never got around to doing it. Now you’re paying the price as your basement is slowly turning into a swimming pool before your eyes!

You’ve been gone for 4 days, and your basement didn’t look anything like this when you left, so there’s potentially 4 days’ worth of damage that needs cleanup. Your furniture is soaked and water logged, and the flooring and walls are starting to peel. How are you going to get all the water out of the basement and get your property back to its original state? Where does one turn in Sioux City, IA, for water damage cleanup?

ServiceMaster of Sooland is here to help all those in the Sioux City, IA area with all their water damage restoration needs. We have the tools and the training required to quickly get your home dried out and cleaned up. Water damage restoration needs to start as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew from getting a foothold. Mold and mildew can cause secondary damage to your belongings and property. If that happens we also specialize in mold removal and mildew restoration. We understand how devastating flooding can be, and we’re here to help with your flood damage cleanup.

If you’re in need of water damage restoration or flood damage restoration services in the Sioux City, IA area, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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8-Year-Old Boys Destroyed Your House! Residential Cleaning Services in Cherokee, IA

March 28th, 2017 · No Comments

By looking at your Cherokee, IA, home, one would think you were robbed. The house has all but been destroyed. There is trash and things littering almost every square inch of the living room and the hall leading to your son’s room. There are handprints in what you’re hoping is chocolate on the kitchen table and the refrigerator door. There are soda stains on the furniture and the floor and pizza somehow ended up on the rug in the bathroom, though you don’t remember anyone taking it into the bathroom. But you weren’t robbed and when you do an inventory you’ll realize nothing is missing except for maybe some of your sanity. No, the look of your home is the result of having your home taken over by ten eight-year-old boys for an entire weekend. What made you agree to taking all of them for two nights is completely beyond you. Now it’s Sunday night, the week starts tomorrow, and you’re more exhausted now than when you left work Friday afternoon. How are you going to get your Cherokee, IA, home back to a living condition quickly? Is there anyone in the area that offers residential cleaning?

ServiceMaster of Sooland does offer residential cleaning services in the Cherokee, IA, area. We can help you with your housekeeping needs along with house-wide cleaning. We can clean everything from your floors, both carpet and hard surface, to your windows and walls. We can get smudges, streaks, and grease marks off anything, including your windows. Our residential floor cleaning services will help you protect and extend the life of your floors. We understand that the deep cleaning your home needs and the work it takes to get the stains out is sometimes overwhelming. Our priority is your satisfaction so we do our best to make sure that you’re happy with the end product. We can help you with all of your house cleaning needs.

If you find yourself in need of our residential cleaning services in the Cherokee, IA, area, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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The Pipe Behind the Toilet Burst! Water Damage Restoration in Sioux City, IA

March 14th, 2017 · No Comments

You walk through the door of your Sioux City, IA, home and it sounds like someone’s in the shower. You think that’s weird since you always get home before everyone else. You call out but nobody answers. You set your things down and as you pass from the kitchen into the hall you notice that the ceiling looks a little weird. You make your way up the stairs and notice as you get to the top that the carpet is getting squishy. Now you’re getting concerned and the sound of running water is getting louder. You finally reach the bathroom and as you approach the doorway you see water spraying from behind the toilet. Unbeknownst to you, the pipe running to the toilet from the wall broke while you were at work and has been spraying water everywhere ever since. The floor of the bathroom is soaked, and the dry wall is peeling off the walls and ceiling. You manage to get into the bathroom and turn off the water using the water shut off valve, but now you need to get the water out and get started drying everything. Where do you turn while in the Sioux City, IA, area for the best water damage restoration services?

ServiceMaster of Sooland can aid you with your burst pipe cleanup in the Sioux City, IA, area. We understand how distressing it can be to see your home and belongings being destroyed by water. We have trained technicians who use every tool possible to perform water removal. We work quickly to start the water removal process to help reduce the possibly of secondary damage. If the water sits for too long, mold and mildew can start to grow and cause secondary damage. If this does become an issue, we can also help with mold removal and mold remediation.

Once the water removal process has been completed, we have the best tools in the industry to begin to professionally dry your belongings, getting them back to their original condition when possible.

If you find yourself in need of our water damage restoration services in the Sioux City, IA, area, give ServiceMaster of Sooland a call at (402) 494-3188.

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